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I love Paris, that is something that you already knew about me, but in the moment I’ve heard the story of the Bourjois blush, that is so connected with the French theatre atmosphere, I was absolutely blown away! The actors from the Parisian stage, from the mid 19th century were the first ones to use the Bourjois products! Can you imagine that? I open the coquette little box and I think that,  150 years ago, and the actress was doing the exact same thing in the backstage of a Parisian theatre, right before going on stage. I find this fascinating!

I love the Bourjois blush because of many reasons. It’s compact texture, with a light shimmer that is so smoothly applied on the skin, that it’s almost impossible for it not to become a woman’s object of pleasure. It also has that little mirror, so you can always get it out of your purse and use it again if you want to freshen up you look. I also liked the discreet perfume that this blush has, but also that it is a long lasting product. You can always rely on it!

I consider that for some make-ups a touch of blush is always needed. Like when we had a long sleepless night, and we want to look fresh in the morning or right now, when we are about to leave winter behind us and the sun hasn’t touched our skin yet.

You can find the Bourjois blushes in different shades so that you can choose the colour that suits you the best. It also helps that you it comes in a chic wrapping in the colour of the blush that is in it!

Of all the Bourjois blushes, which colour is your favourite?

KV Bourjois

2016 Fraicheur de rose_42

2016 Fraicheur de rose _42 open

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