Korean style beauty

Mes cheries, Asian beauty rituals are known world wide, The creators of the line of products Made In Sephora have elaborated in this season as well, a variety of make-up and care products inspired by the Korean ingredients and practices! On one hand, ”cushion” type instruments ( like blushes, illuminating products or lipsticks ) that will make you look charming. And on the other hand, masks that contain active ingredients and feel their benefit in every inch ( from the tip of your toes to the tip of your nose). Your skin will have a natural glow, you lips will have a gradient look, smooth hands and cuticles or masks for your tired feet, are just a few of the benefits of this line of products.

wonderful cushion 3 ferme_BD RVB wonderful cushion 3 ouvert_BD RVB WONDERFULL CUSHION RASPBERRY SPLASH V2 EXE-Masque-Colorful-VISAGE-2016-ThéVert-v6-V EXE-Masque-MAINS-AloeVera-v2-V EXE-Masque-MAINS-AloeVera-v2-V Masque Levres rose HD EXE-Masque-Colorful-VISAGE-2016-ThéVert-v6-V

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