Fast forward wardrobe

Last night we celebrated Nicolai with joy, delicacies and many friends. All this after, the morning, when we rejoiced with Iancu and Ilona, as if we were kids, when they discovered all the gifts received from Saint Nicholas. We’ve been good and Santa knew it.


Today starts a new week with a busy schedule. In the morning, still sleepy, I opened the wardrobe, without having any clue of an attire, and I put together an outfit good for a hectic day. I relied on my gut instinct – it’s always best to do so – and I was delighted with the result. A dress that exceeds the knees, a raincoat colorful enough to lift my mood no matter how dreary it would be outside, a pair of sport shoes so I can run quickly from one meeting to another. I always have my sunglasses with me. Even if it is cloudy, there is always a reason to wear them – whether it’s too much light, either to hide my dark circles that I did not bother to cover because I preferred to sleep in a little more, either to avoid being recognized, for simply, sometimes I just don’t feel like chatting. I still haven’t managed to repair my Céline bag – the lock broke – but even so it manages to successfully carry inside my entire universe.


I know there are days when you don’t feel like getting out of bed. And it’s OK. It’s not first, or the last time that will happen. So don’t stress yourself out with the outfit, simply go on instinct, as I said. You don’t feel like putting on make-up? Very well, just put some lipstick or mascara on, and remember that dark circles can be very sexy (if not exaggerated). Stop at a flower shop while going to work. A colorful bouquet will brighten your day. I can never resist in front of hydrangeas. How about you?











Dress: Saint Laurent
Cape: Vintage
Sun glasses: Thierry Lasry
Bag: Céline
Earrings: Chabaux
Shoes: Adidas Originals Pharrell Williams X Todd James
Foto: Aurelien Violet @chicisthenewpunk
Image editing: Lasc Media

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