Girls, flowers or bicycles

Girls, flowers or bicycles? You really wrote this?“, Ilona asks suspiciously. She doesn’t know how to read, so she still has to take my word for granted. “But maman, that’s now how the game is“, she insists. “It’s flowers, girls, whims or boys“, she says proudly. We both started to laugh, obviously. “Whims” is what she did during the last shooting. For the first time, she asked us to stop taking pictures until we determine how much of the blouse should go under the waistband of the skirt. It took a while to figure out the right size, please do believe me. After we solved this dilemma, I had to persuade her that the bicycle in pictures will fit her better when she grows a little more. No and no. She wanted to venture it, although her feet wouldn’t even reach the pedals. All’s well when it ends well and when, looking back, we can amuse ourselves with the personality “crises” from a very early age.










Top: Bonpoint (Bonpoint Store)
Skirt: Bonpoint (Bonpoint Store)
Shoes: Zara Kids (Zara Store)
Photo: Lasc Media

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