Give me sunshine

Today, I will be brief. That is because every five minutes, Ilona comes outside our terrace and pulls my laptop. She tried everything possible to make me stop typing. She also used an ice cube. And, even though, she knows I don’t like to see her stomping her feet, she keeps on beating after the curtain while she constantly repeats: In the summer you don’t stay inside the house! Let’s go to the pool already!


Finally, she comes with a new strategy. She sits next to me and sighs deeply. Then, she suddenly cheers up. Are you posting pictures with me? Tell them that I like yellow. Like the sun. Alright? There, I just obliged. Now, please do excuse me, but my daughter is very impatient








Skirt: Zara (Zara Store)
Top: Il Gufo (Ilinca Store)
Sandals: Bonpoint (Anastasia &The Funky Twins Store)
Photo: Gabi Crisan
Image editing: Csilla Szasz

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