Hydration at a high level

The first rule that I learned as a model was to correctly hydrate my skin. Years in a row, I experimented hundred of hydrating producs and I become more and more pretentious. Only creams with long lasting action satisfy me. Their quality is easy to check. If after a few hours, the skin is again look dull and loses its shine, it’s more than obvious that you are on the wrong path and it is time to make a change.
In my case, Micro Serumul Hydra Beauty Chanel was my hero skin. After a long winter, my skin became slightly sensitive, and the only product which was tolerated by my skin was this magical serum. Beyond sensory experience that I have whenever I use it, my skin regained freshness.

Micro Serumul Hydra Beauty , Chanel, 414 lei

Why I like it:

  • acts as an infusion of freshness, which provides 24 hours of hydration without interruption. The skin becomes extremely smooth and shiny, with a visibly younger aspect..
  • is based on an unprecedented formula, enriched with camellia flowers, blue ginger from Madagascar and an oleo-active ingredient OFA White Camellia, Camellia oil extracted, thus combining skin moisturizing with antioxidant protection.
  •  is the result of patented technologies, which seems to come in the future: microfluidics. This is a genuine revolution in the field of cosmetic, (these studies were first applied in the medical, pharmaceutical and electronic areas) and make it possible for thousands of bubbles encapsulating the active ingredients that break only in contact with skin and distributes the optimum amount.

PS: Apply it in the morning and night without deviating from your daily routine care. I combine it with other products of the Hydra Beauty range.



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