I am (not) a Barbie girl

You need a considerable dose of talent and vision in order to be able to transform kitsch into something cool. Jeremy Scott succeeds to do that every time. After McDonald’s and Spongebob served as source of inspiration, this season it is Barbie’s turn. As it was expected, the capsule colletion from Moschino is about bubble pink, vibrant colors, polka dot games and hearts.

From where I stand, I wouldn’t go for such an exagerated look of a doll. It is true though that, taken separately, the items are irresistible. And I confess that from my own, personal, experience. Once I went inside the Moschino store from Bucharest, it was almost impossible to limit my short list of shopping. On hangers, are hung pure tempations. The unmistakable textures, the colors, the message of joy that the clothes from there transmit… they are worth to take them home and turn any outfit into happiness. Finally, I made up my mind for a sweater and a backpack. To maintain a balance I mixed them with a pair of pants, socks and sandals from my dressing room. And so… I obtained the perfect outfit for a bike ride on the romantic streets of Paris.

Jeremy Scott was declaring for style.com that he wants to bring joy to the world though his collection, and I fermly believe he reached his goal. And even if you don’t have an Iphone case with a mirror, which allows you “to check if you are photo ready before taking a selfie“, the simple fact that you are wearing those clothes, brings a big smile on your face.

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Monica Tand Blog

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Monica Tand Blog

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Monica Tand Blog

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Sweater: Moschino
Pants: Sandro
Socks: Falke
Sandals: H&M
Photo: Mihai Stetcu
Location: Salon Stephane Pous artiste/coloriste

Travel took place with the support of Air France Romania. Air France attends 3 daily flight from Bucharest to Paris.
For more details: www.airfrance.ro

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