I found my love in Portofino

No, I’m not in Portofino. I’m still at Costa Navarinno in Greece, as you already know. Since yesterday until today, nothing surprising happened. Just maybe, that I fell in love, but that isn’t something new… Alright, that’s enough. I promise to become serious again. My euphoric joke making mood is due to the wonderful atmosphere from the vacation.

I’m didn’t lie, though, when I told I fell in love. Even more, I am fascinated by the new perfume Fleur de Portofino from Tom Ford. And being a floral essence, the first time I sprayed it on my skin, I was convinced that I’ll definitely recommend it to a friend, but not that I’ll end up wearing it.


The mix of white acacia flower notes with citrus orange blossom, Moroccan rose, jasmine and vanilla, took me simply by surprise. The aroma directly transposed me into a garden near the Mediterranean, over whose fence is pouring cascades of acacia flowers. It’s a fresh, vibrant and bright scent. It isn’t a good essence, but rather captivating, bold and hypnotic. And I say this especially referring to the provocative campaign built around it. Beyond marketing, the fragrance of Fleur de Portofino is to be taken with you on vacation. Everywhere, not just on Italian realms.


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