Ilona’s guide for the weekend

I started negotiating with Ilona, couple of days ago, if we should bring the cat from Maramures to Bucharest. It was a hard job of persuasion on every front. Yet, she still says “no and no”… She doesn’t want to say goodbye to this kitty-cat, which purrs continuously while she sits in Ilona’s arms. So, I simply abandoned the subject. She did the same. Today, I surprised her petting the striped animal while she was whispering to her ears that it’s better if she remains at home, where she can climb in trees and run around freely all day, without anybody calling her to eat. I started to breath easily and I told myself that it’s better for my daughter to collect all bags with cat prints than actually have a cat.


After I felt relieved that the “conflict” ended, Ilona gets right in my face an tells me that the “Meow” stays in Maramures with one condition: this week-end I have to do everything she desires. For example, we have to go into the village and visit some neighbors, I have to bake her something sweet and we have to prepare a picnic. Oh, and I forgot! At breakfast time, we have to dress in butter color clothes; put accessories in our hair and flowered tennis shoes. Why? Because … that’s what she wants. (And because she already tested the outfit and she loved it, but she expects that I forgot about it. 🙂 )









Dress: Bonpoint (Bonpoint Store)
Tennis shoes: Bensimon
Bag: Bonpoint (Bonpoint Store)
Hair accessory: Bonpoint (Bonpoint Store)
Photo: Csilla Szasz

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