Looking for the summer

I prepare myself for summer. For the late nights spent with friends over a bottle of wine and for the lazy mornings spent on the beach, sunbathing, for the hot days when my only wish is to cool off in the Black Sea or in the Mediterranean or whatever sea, here or abroad, and for the afternoons that I chose to spend a few hours in the hammock.

H&M Summer 5

When I was younger. I used to wait for the summer vacation because I didn’t have to do any homework and I could do whatever I wanted to. Now I wait for the summer vacation because it’s the moment that I feel that I can recharge and energize myself better. I admit, I am also waiting for it because Iancu and Ilona don’t have to go to the kinder garden ( and this means vacation for our early mornings). 🙂 But most of all, I wait and love summer because it energizes me. The long, sunny days make me feel so good!

During the summer I always find the time to do what I’ve set in mind and I also have spare time to spend relaxing. I have time and energy to give all that I’ve got best. And, most importantly, I feel like smiling more than usual! I mean more and more.

H&M Summer 3

Once I watched the video campaign from H&M I can say that I’m starting to make some plans for the summer vacation. My plans begin with a list of books for the holidays and a list of clothing items that I want for my wardrobe this season. From the tempting offer from H&M, I chose for sure the skirts with tropical leaf prints and the white dresses, which I absolutely love. When it comes to bathing suits, I never have enough, so I’ll be shopping for more than two or three.



Here it is the video campaign from H&M:

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