In my Adidas shoes

At a closer look at my dressing, it’s more than obvious that I like dresses. Regardless of the material, print, color or length, they do have a common denominator: they have a very feminine cut, they expose the body line in a good light, and mark the waistline. Well, the dress that I’m wearing today could not make any exceptions. Signed by Barbara Sabbah, a designer which I adore and which is appreciated both in France and worldwide for custom dresses that she makes (, the dress impressed me ever since I noticed it on a hanger. I admit that the floral print attracted me like a magnet, but when I laid my hand on it and found out that is made of brocade with fil laméd’or, I wrote it down, immediately, on my fashion items list for my shootings in Paris. I didn’t spend too much time thinking with what to combine it. Inspired by 50’s fashion, the dress could become the core around which to build a highly contemporary look, accessorized with a pair of sneakers. Of course, not every pair of sneakers, but a pair that are part of Supershell series, resulting from a new collaboration between Adidas Originals and Pharell Williams.


As announces, Supershell project is the result of a selection made by Pharell itself of the most creative ideas of artists from around the world, completely reinventing the Superstar sneakers collection, a collection that transforms into a manifesto of creation.

Debuting with the Artwork collection, Supershell series brings together art and creativity in the new Superstar collection, more than ever. The Superstar sport shoes bear the print of contemporary New York graphic artist Todd James, of the American photographer Cass Bird, of the Iranian origins architect Zaha Hadid, and contemporary Japanese artist Mr. The pieces created by the people mentioned above are complemented by six graphic models designed by Pharrell, which underline energy, zest for life, and the relationship the artist has with the world of colors. The limited edition is characterized by a unique design, assigned to a different region of the world, and the sneakers are available in shades of black and white, thus highlighting graphics.


In the pictures below, you will notice that the sneakers I’m wearing, which demonstrate Todd James’s creativity, don’t have the same design for each shoe. And this is a feature of the entire collection, offering fans the opportunity to create countless combinations themselves, in order to express their creativity by using different pieces of the collection.














Dress: Barbara Sabbah
Bag: Olympia Le-Tan
Watch: Swatch
Shoes: Adidas Supershell Pharrell
Photo: Aurelien Violet (@chicisthenewpunk)
Image editing: Lasc Media

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