In the spotlight

There are people who like to shock with any price, no matter what. They constantly live for the way others, around, react. This kind of people cannot wait for others to be stunned and offer them an annoyed gesture or word. When I met this kind of characters, I don’t enter their game. I refuse to give them attention, just so I can see how far they will go. And trust, me… they can really exaggerate. If some try to provoke you with annoying stories (many times from their personal life), others have the need to be in the center of attention by combining the most unusual fashion items. Not far ago, at a christening, a young woman appeared in a lace dress, without wearing anything else under. She was extremely pleased that all those present were looking at her wide-eyed with indignation or even envy, it does not even matter.


I believe that when you have a mature fashion style, you don’t want to impress anyone. You don’t dress up to receive approval or applause from others or to stir controversy. You can’t make everybody happy, anyhow. If it were to take into account the opinion of fashion experts, it would be absolutely forbidden to wear a dress signed by Tara Jarmon, a Canadian designer who promotes through her collections an elegant femininity similar to the one of Audrey Hepburn, not eccentric or obsolete with a pair of sneakers.













Dress: Tara Jarmon
Shoes: Adidas par Pharrell Williams
Poto: Gabi Crisan
Image editing: Csilla Szasz

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