Personalized care for exceptional hair given by Aura Botanica

Commitment has become a very important part of modern life. It’s a conscious choice of living a healthier life, of caring for all that surrounds us and when possible, of giving something back. Happiness, wellness, taking care of your mind and body: everything is connected. Hair care is become a more and more important subject.

For the first time, nature is the force that conducts the revolutionary formulas. There was never in something that talked about ‘’naturalizing’’ the existing methods. Kérastase mobilized teams of science people in order to create a new product, from scratch: Aura Botanica. This is the only way of going to the next level in terms of natural hair care products. In the end, they brought together performance with products that come from responsible sources and that are great to use. For some products that are truly mastered by the force of nature, Kérastase tried to use only active ingredients that their effects over your hair are proven by science. Coconut Oil, one of two natural oils that can have an effect over the hair spring thanks to its limited structure of the acid we find inside, anchors itself inside the cortex, giving resistance and lasting nutrition. For a lasting glow, a soft and supple finish, the Omega 6 and 0 acids from the Argan Oil, make your hair spring resistant to oxidation and makes it glossy and shiny.

Kérastase uses the revitalizing energy of nature in order to create AURA BOTANICA, by pushing the limits of science in order to create a whole new perception regarding hair care. The raw force of nature becomes a refined experience.

The Aura Botanica products fulfils the growing need of much needed responsible luxury, giving women truly efficient care to bring back to life a dull hair. Growing its sensors, this line of products introduces the sublime sensation of a light hair, with no protective shields or residues. A glowing hair, brought back to its natural beauty.

The new line of products from Aura Botanica can be found as a delicate and aromatic shampoo, a deeply nourishing conditioner, a blend of nourishing and aromatic oils and a two-phase hydrating spray. The ambassador of this line in Romania is none other than Sorin Stratulat, the hair-stlylist that needs no more introductions.




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