Innovation in matter of beauty: the serum with stem cells

Mes cheries, BIOMER has brought us an innovation when it comes to beauty products: a natural serum with anti-aging properties which harmoniously combines active natural ingredients, using the most efficient and reliable technique: science. It has in its composition hyaluronic acid, Melisa and Acai extract, red vine stem cells, vitamin C, vitamin E, wheat sprout oils and algae biomolecules from the Menor Sea ( the algae is rich in unique properties in the world). The Sireia Serum is natural and paraben free.



Situated in the South-East of Spain, in the region of Murcia, BioMer offers a variety of natural beauty products which have in their composition algae and medicinal plants from Menor, whose biomolecules have proven their efficiency in numerous scientific research. The formula that they proposed also includes a few natural components such as alpha haloid acids, collagen, elastane, hyaluronic acid, stem cells and so on, known under the name of biological complex and proteins that are an essential part of the skin tissue.


The product is available on the site (the only importer and distributor of the BioMer products in Romania), for the price of de 299 RON.

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