It’s not only rock’n’roll, baby!

Ilona came home, the other day, from kindergarten with a big dilemma: why do women say that men need instructions in order to understand them. To be honest, I don’t know where she got the question from, but this is a different story. My Ilona didn’t understand that issue because she knows men simply don’t read instructions. Daddy put together her drawing table, ignoring the papers that were in box. Grand-daddy fixes everything without any other information. So… why would instructions help them?!


More than this, in my daughter’s eyes, women aren’t complicated at all. If, instead of lowers, you offer them a skirt with flowers like the one from MimiSol, they won’t get mad (I believe the same thing!). And for any relationship to be sweeter, it’s a must that the gentlemen don’t forget about chocolate and desserts. Eventually, a moelleux au chocolat, just as good as daddy makes it. If it’s not allowed to go overboard with sugar, you can replace dessert with a muffin shaped-bag from MimiSol or a headband from Simonetta.


No matter what you do, things aren’t always pink. Just like it’s written on her Yporque T-shirt, a Spanish famous brand, well-known for the quality of materials and cute messages written on kids clothes. “It’s not only rock’n’roll, baby”! But… when a man doesn’t understand you, it’s not a problem. That is why your exist, maman, she tells me laughing out loud. Ilona. Simply Ilona.








Shirt: Yporqué (Anastasia&The Funky Twins Store)
Skirt: MiMisol (Ilinca Store)
Headband: Simonetta (Ilinca Store)
Bag: Simonetta (Ilinca Store)
Shoes: Il Gufo (Naturino Store)
Photo: Gabi Crisan
Image editing: Csilla Szasz

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