Je suis Bagdhad, je suis Nice, je suis …triste

Certantly, the world today is going on a wrong path. There is a tacit war going on, with outbursts that pays off with hundreds of lost lives. A war o forces, in which the main prey are innocent people. I must confess that I am afraid. This feeling has come across me again this morning, when I turned on the TV and saw what had happened in Nice. I am afraid for my children and for the future that they have in front of them. Liberty, fraternity, equality. These are the words that I’ve identified with in all my years that I’ve spent in France. These are the words which have lost their power, yet again, last night.


One of the strongest and emotional images of the events from last night in Nice was, in my opinion, the photo of a doll, lying next to a child’s lifeless body. All the pain, the fear, the frustration, the evilness of a violent conflict can be seen in that picture. It’s a huge question mark. Why do we kill our future, instead of growing it nicely?



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