Hat down!

The shoes successfully fit my little guilty pleasure. I could never say I have enough shoes. Especially when they are signed Gianfito Rossi and Sergio Rossi. That is why, when the time to re-organize my dressing room comes, I never ever give up shoes. Even though I have some of them since I used to do fittings in Paris. Ilona, on the other hand, likes hats. All hats. As colorful as they can be! The last time, she had a crush on a yellow hat from Mimi Sol.

What I find amusing is that when she tries on hats in front of the mirror, she tells me ” Maman, did you know that you don’t have to take your hat off at the restaurant or when you visit someone? And did you know that you can wear them to the theatre if they are tiny and don’t bother others, behind you? ”





Hat: Mimi Sol (Contessina Boutique)
Sweater: Finger in The Nose (Anastasia and The Funky Twins)
Boots: Havaianas
Foto: Visual Artistry

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