Keep on dreaming

I needed a blush. A delicate, discrete, sublime blush which would surround my cheekbones in a sensible pink shade. I discovered it in the make-up collection from Chanel, called Reverie Parisienne, which is absolutely spectacular. (The press kit is also a visual delight, revealing and highlighting elements of a Paris in mid spring).

Jardin de Chanel is a blush which encapsulates two shades of pink: a more powerful one and a pale one just like a blooming peony. It has a silky and easy texture, and after you use it you get a fresh look. Your flushed cheekbones might be the first sign of a walk through the park.

Blush Jardin de Chanel, Chanel, limited edition

My only regret is that this product can be found in a limited edition.

PS: I miss Paris terribly!


Felt hat with veil: Gabriela Dumitran Millinery Atelier
Make Up: Olimpia Stoicia
Hair: Marga Stefan
Photo: Mihai Stetcu Photography
Image editing: Csilla Szasz

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