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I was inviting you to read a few days ago, mes cheries, the interview with Andra Manea, the new Official L’Oreal Make-up Artist. Now is the time to say a few things about some other new things presented recently by L’Oreal, once the announcement about the new Make-up Artist in Romania was released.

For me, it is such a joy to discover the new beauty products that L’Oreal Paris has to offer. They are the most. So I found it relevant for me to get up and start organising my makeup kit and so I started replacing some products with some of the newest show stoppers from L’Oreal Paris. So that is how I started putting together my beauty kit.


It is so hard for me to choose between all the new things that this season has to offer, so I won’t be making a top. But I have to tell you that once you start using them, you will fall in love with them forever. The same way I fell in love with the new line of lipstick and nail polish. And also the new eyebrow pencil. 🙂


So, the news of the season – which I can’t wait for you to try them and tell me your opinion about them – are:

ROT_2218Brow Artist Maker

An eyebrow pencil for fullness, volume and styling. It is available in three shades and, believe me, it helps you make your own perfect brows.


The nude eyeshadow pallet

Suitable for the day make-up, and not only, the eyeshadow pallet is specially created for creating elegant nude looks. I love it!


The lipstick pallet

It comes along with a professional brush, used for application, and it shows you that lipstick is not what you’ve known it to be anymore. 🙂


Miss Hippie Mascara from Mega Volume

I use it since I’ve discovered it. Daily. And I’m so happy that it’s available both in the classic version and also waterproof.

Vernis à L’Huile

Nail polish and precious oils. The colors are perfect for this not only for the season, but also because the nails maintain their shine for days.

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