Play time!

Mes cheries, today I will going to tell you how my love for fashion started. It’s hard to say when, because sometimes I have the feeling that I grew up with it. But it’s very easy to say when: it started by playing. I was very young when I started, like any other little girl, to combine miniature clothes – doll’s clothe, of course – and started to play the role of a stylist, without even noticing.

From that play, later I started to mix and match my own outfits. I hardly never dressed how my mother used to tell me, I always tried to find something more to add to the outfit, or to change my patent leather shoes with sneakers or I started wearing a skirt over a pair of trousers. Of all of my friends, I was the only one that was always thinking outside the box and wasn’t complying with the ’’uniform’’. And I haven’t changed. 🙂


The love for this wonderful game of playing with clothes brought me, later on, in the world of fashion, a world that I loved and which I dedicated 16 years of my life. Enough for me to learn that fashion, even if it’s such a big business, that generates billions of euros worth of profit every year, it’s more beautiful when you look at it like a game.

monicatand (4)

Moschino is one of the brands that understood that playing, in fashion, can bring you more fame and more followers, and I am one of the brand’s followers. I love Moschino’s pieces because they spread some sort of relaxation that I also feel whenever people ask me: ’’ What do you like to do the most?’’. ’’I like to play!’’, I often respond

Sweatshirt: Moschino
Skirt: Brunello Cuccinelli
Earrings: H&M
Handbag: Celine
Sports shoes: Adidas Superstar
Photo: Lasc Media

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