Happy anniversary, Beau Monde!

I’ve always been an addict for glossy magazines – like Carrie Bradshaw said: “When I was young and I didn’t have a lot of money, sometimes I bought Vogue instead of food. I felt like it fed me more”. To skim a magazine Sunday morning while I drink my coffee, when the house is still quiet, remains one of the greatest guilty pleasures (assumed) of mine. Not to mention that every time I read a glossy magazine, I get the nostalgia of all the years in Paris and endless hours of work, when I knew I had to do my best in order to get out of the coolest fashion editorials.

Present at this year's edition in December
Present at this year’s edition in December

It has been long said that print magazines will die once with the apparition of the online newspapers, but, as the TV did not kill the radio, the written press is still doing great and I can’t help but enjoy every time I see that magazines are surviving another year, successfully, on a market that has not, yet, fully recovered from the economic crisis. Last week, I celebrated with dear people, 14 years of existence for the Beau Monde magazine, a publication that connects me to many memories.

La petrecerea din 2012, alaturi de Nicolai la castigarea premiului pentru Stil Masculin. Iancu era undercover
At the party in 2012, with Nicolai winning the prize for male style. Iancu was undercover

In 2012, Nicolai was receiving the award for Masculine Style at the, well-known, Crystal Globe Awards, which the magazine offers each year during their anniversary party. Ilona was little then, so we left her home, but Iancu was there to support Nicolai from my belly 🙂 . We went to the party the following year, this time, just me and Nicolai, and a year later, also in December, we were sharing with the readers of Beau Monde how we spend the holidays in our family. It was crazy on the shooting set, as you’ll see in the pictures – to make Ilona and Iancu sit quietly at the same time … mission impossible. But we had a lot of fun. This year, at the same Crystal Globe Awards, I wore a dress made of velvet which was admired by each and every person around, I swear: an Aureliana creation, a new brand, who’s designer is a good friend, Alexandra Toie Ionita. But I will tell you more about it in a future post, because I’m also preparing a really, really nice surprise. I can’t wait!

Therefore, I recommend, les filles, to read on glossy magazines – what other greater guilty (innocent) pleasure? I also recommend that you read the anniversary Beau Monde edition for December, from which Nicolai and I aren’t missing.
Joyeux anniversaire, Beau Monde!

Nicolai alaturi de castigatorii Globurilor de Cristal in 2012
Nicolai with the Crystal Globe winners 2012
In 2013 am sarbatorit in doi
In 2013 we celebrated together
In numarul de decembrie 2014, la un shooting extrem de distractiv si chinuitor pentru Andreea Goia, fotograful
The number of December 2014, an extremely fun and excruciating shooting for Andreea Goia photographer
2015 Toujours ensemble
2015 Toujours ensemble
2015 Intr-o creatie Aureliana
2015 Wearing an Aureliana creation
2015 Alaturi de Alexandra Toie-Ionita, designerul din spatele brandului Aureliana
2015 With Alexandra Toie-Ionita, the designer behind the brand Aureliana
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