La multi ani, copii!

Today is one of the most important days of my life. It’s the day that we celebrate the greatest of the people, the most genuine souls, the dearest and sweetest people on Earth. It’s International Children’s Day and, of course, most importantly, my children’s day, Iancu and Ilona. 🙂

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Five years and a few months ago, when Ilona was born, I started giving more matter to this day. And three years ago, when Iancu came into our lives, the importance of this day has doubled. Until then, Children’s Day was a day like any other day. Today, it’s truly a special day, in which I always feel like giving thanks.

I am grateful for children all around the world that teach us, day by day, that we have to be kinder. And I am especially grateful that my children have made me, every day, the happiest person I know.

Iancu and Ilona, mommy and daddy love you so much! Happy Chidren’s Day and we wish you joy and happiness!

P.S.: Today’s emotions are even bigger as Ilona went today on her first camp of her life. Only moms and dads know how hard these camp days pass, especially when the child is for the first time, without us, for THREE days! 🙂

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