Lady look, but in moderation

„Maman, look what I can do with this skirt!”, Ilona says to me the other day in the H&M showroom, when I was trying to find an outfit that would satifsy her. And until I get to my senses, I see her spinning round and round, fascinated not only by the sound of sparkles but also by the way light reflects in them, making her resemble an adorable millefeuille. “This remains!”, she announces me seconds later, still dazed from spinning, with an Anna Wintour surety which definitely made me instantly burst into laughter, while I added immediately with a crooked smile: “Coup de foudre, maman!”


Like all girls her age, Ilona is in that time when everything she sees and hears, stores and later tries to reproduce exactly. That’s why myself and Nicolai are very careful about how we act and what we say. But I know very well that all “whims” she makes when it comes to clothes she definitely inherited from me, so I can’t help but entertain myself and understand her.


I was amazed that she allowed me to pick her sweater – I have a hunch that the orange details convinced her – but when it comes to shoes there is no room for negotiation (who can she resemble?). “Maman, I need to have some sport shoes, I don’t want to be that lady looking anymore!”








Sweater : H&M Studio (H&M Store)
Skirt: H&M Studio (H&M Store)
Sport shoes: Naturino (Naturino Store)
Photo: Lasc Media

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