The place where stories are made

Today, I woke up with a feeling of nostalgia after the old Bucharest, when everything was made when everything was done painstakingly, quietly and not on fast forward. That Bucharest in which people would not br afraid to bragg those who truly deserve it and also, wouldn’t be selling things that would dissapoint after you’d tried them on again, at home.

I left Ilona at kindergarden, and after that I slipped for a bit inside an absolutely special boutique-workshop on Esarcu street, called Portobello. Until you manage to enter inside of it, you might think I’m exaggerating when I say that here you can fin the experience of a parallel universe.
The noisiness of the capital melts on musical arragements, which echo from the Romanian Athenaeum rehersal room to Nadia Popescu’s boutique-workshop. She is the designer which creations happen right in front of her client’s eyes. T-shirts, silk dresses or shirts, they all strike through simplicity and good taste. Nadia educated her passion for beautiful in the douzen of trips taken on foreign lands, which culture she known to exemplify better than anyone, through her creations.
From her last escape in India, Nadia didn’t only bring back only memories but also, alsolutely sensational fabrics. And… I couldn’t stay away from making an outfit out of them. Especially that i simply adore polka-dots..
In today’s clip, you will convince yourself that when you buy clothes and. give yourself some mooments of peacefullness, there is nothing more beautiful than to attend the entiire creative process.

Clothes: Portobello
Shoes: H&M
Image & Video Editing : Marius Nedelcu
Photo: Marius Nedelcu
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