Mademoiselle Ilona

When she comes from kindergarden, Ilona is used to sitting on the couch next to me and starts to tell me different sort of histories… About collegues, about swimming lessons, about the flowers that she personally picked when she went with Nicolai in town, about what she loves or what she hates. Recently, she wanted to know if I like to live in Bucharest or I want to move back to Maramures. I invite her to answer her question first and I promise that after I will tell her my preferences. „I like Paris. Period”. Ilona. Simply Ilona.


P.S: In another order of ideas, Ilona asked me to let you know that this spring are in trend shoes with polka dots and checkered pants. I’ve been looking all around town for the items that would fit Ilona’s expectations and I finally found them at the Contesaina Boutique store. And because she doesn’t like half-way done things (of course she had from whom to take this habit), the outfit had to be complete and nothing fit it better than the Finger in the Nose sweater, which I discovered at Anastasia and the Funky Twins.







Sweater: Finger in The Nose ( Anastasia & The Funky Twins)
Pants : Baby Graziella ( Contessina Boutique)
Shoes: Twin Set (Contessina  Boutique)
Photo: Visual Artistry

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