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I have met many people, as time has gone by, that are not pleased with how their eyebrows look. In other words, I don’t think that I have met a woman that didn’t have a problem with her own eyebrows, in any given moment of her life. Either they were too thick, or too thin, too rebellious, or too short, or not very defined…so many faces, as many eyebrow problems.

Eyebrows, mes cheries, can totally change the face features. Eyebrows that are beautiful and well taken care of, can easily substitute makeup. In my opinion, you’d rather go outside with no makeup on, than with neglected eyebrows. 🙂


Just so we have a more simple caring ritual for the eyebrow – and that more and more women can become their own eyebrow artist – , Benefit has launched recently a new line of products for the eyebrows that has 9 products that are easy to use. Some sort of magic kit. 🙂

I had the pleasure to test this new kit from Benefit and I can confirm that with its help, you can keep under control any pair of eyebrows.

Benefit brow collection_groupshot_caps_opened

The line of products for eyebrows includes a tinting gel with an applier, an invisible gel with a 24 hour stay, lifting and illuminating effect pencils (which I love!), an ultra fine pencil for defining the eyebrows, a tinting product for the eyebrows, a contouring and filling effect pencil, a makeup base, a contouring and shaping eyebrow kit and a volume microfiber gel. I know it’s a lot, but trust me, you need all of them! And with a little bit of practice, you’ll be able to use the correctly in no time.

The thing that I like the most about this line is that it’s available in colors suitable for all skin types and hair colors. And also, I love it when people from the beauty industry thinks about the utensils one needs and personalized and specific products for any problem that we have in the morning, when we look in the mirror.

*Discover the new line of products in Sephora, starting July 2016.

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