“Me” Time

Before I had Ilona and Iancu, it was hard for me to believe my friends who kept telling me that once a mother, „me” time it’s over. Then I realized that my family and children will always have priority and any other problem will get second place.

In the end, it is normal to only have few moments of quietness, and the rest of my life to be filled with toys, kindergarten schedules, bedtime stories and different activities which I never thought I would do. The satisfaction to have them is so rewarding that I’m not even tired anymore.

When I truly need a break, I admit that in the evening, after my little ones have fallen asleep, I close myself in the bathroom with a powerful perfumed candle, shower gels and body lotions with sensuous textures. This week, I managed the daily stress with a bubble bath, after which I applied on my skin the new Dior Addict body lotion from Dior.

I think you already know the perfume with the same name and you already know it’s hypnotizing effects. Thus, even though it was 3 am and my eyes were almost shutting down, I instantly changed my mood. The lotion offers a sensation of well-being, which every super-mom definitely needs. In the end, we have to realize that kids don’t have to exclude quality time, spend with yourself. And there is no room for guilt. Kids want a happy mom, who feel amazing in her skin. A mom that don’t quit being a woman and doesn’t gain dangerous frustrations.


The new Dior Addict body line includes: body lotion and deodorant, both available in Romania and a satin body spray.

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