Meet Mr. Radiant

For a while now, people I meet ask me if I have been away on vacation. I smile every time, thinking that a vacation would be great … only if I had time. I admit that I didn’t expect blogging would occupy so much of my time. My schedule is conceived of photo shoots, research sessions, meetings and family, which I don’t want to neglect and I try to spend and equal amount of time with the kids and Nicolai. It’s not for the first time when my agenda if overloaded. When I worked in Paris, I was even busier. But then, I wasn’t a mother.

Anyhow, in order to keep my game up with all the activities and my skin to maintain its freshness, I have a tiny trick which, by the way, I will share with you. Not long ago, I tested for the first time the Mr. Radiant face gel with colored micro-spheres from Givenchy, a part of the Croisiere Summer collection. Even though it’s transparent, it offers skin an enviable lightness. Plus, it definitely moisturizes the skin. And if you are tan, the brown color of your skin is instantly put to value. I loved. Especially, because it has a light, non-sticky texture. For a more intense shine, apply more of the product. And I assure you that no one will believe you didn’t lay on a beach, in the sun.

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