Assumed fashion

The VIVA party broke the ice when it comes to the anniversary parties of the season, a good enough reason for me, mes cheries, to write something about assumption. Somebody commented at a picture from the VIVA party (at the party I was wearing an outfit signed by Ramona Filip), that I didn’t make a good choice when it came and the outfit is just not right for me. And that person said that he/she hopes I won’t get mad about that comment. I answered honestly, that I don’t have anything to be mad about. 🙂

viva the storyalist

And you know why, mes cheries? Because the outfit that I was wearing, it was a choice that I’VE made. It came down to my preferences, to what I like and mostly about how I feel.

Fashion, from my point of view, means that you have to wear what you’re comfortable in. Parties and fashionable events shouldn’t feel like a punishment and I think that you should dress based on how you feel when going at an event, or not go at all. If you don’t feel comfortable in what you’re wearing, that means that something’s not right. This is my opinion.

It doesn’t matter if we dress up for a simple business meeting in the city or for a fashionable event, we must choose our clothes based on who we are, always. If not, I assure you, people will notice. Any clumsiness in wearing an outfit that just not make us justice – not only our body, but also our personality – is visible.

Fashion, mes cheries, means to take credit. Starting with your earrings and ending with your sandals. 🙂

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