Time to breath

One of the most important tradition in our family is that, every year for Christmas, we have to be in Maramures, the first place that we call ‘’home’’ and where the winter holidays have a different feel than anywhere else. Here, everything seems like no time has passed by, people still holding on to very old Christmas traditions.


Year after year, we all wear folk clothing, peasant clothing, so that we can have a more authentic Christmas – I find it more important not to forget your journey, and kids find it very amusing when they have to wear outfits that are so different. ‘’Maman, can I go to kinder garden wearing these clothes?’’, Ilona asked last year. I told her that the clothes wouldn’t be that special anymore if she would wear them every day, so now, she is so eager all year long for the moment when she can wear the peasant clothes again.


Everything we do, we do it together and this is the most wonderful thing about the holidays. The women from my side of the family have always been determined to make the family happy when sitting down at the Christmas table. Ilona is already starting to have a certain attraction towards this tradition and has started to help us in the kitchen with the preparations. Mother is making the meat jelly that I absolutely love – alongside the poppy seed filled pound cake, which is one of my favourite traditional dishes for Christmas-, dad never gives away his secret and an absolutely delicious recipe for boiled wine, I am in charge of the roast, and Nicolai is a master regarding the cabbage rolls. Iancu and Ilona are always helping me to set the table, so they can impress Santa and Misses Claus for the last time, but they also know that time is of the essence.


When everybody has something to do, I like to step away for a few minutes and just breath, just me, myself and I, to give myself the time to look behind, and remember the wonderful year that is about to pass. Doncafe is the one I choose to share these moments with, because nothing compares with a well deserved cup of coffee. Carols, laughter and giggling, the Christmas tree is adorned, the presents are awaiting and I can finally breath into the delicious coffee. Another wonderful Christmas has just begun.







Photo: Alina Andreica
Image editing: Lasc Media

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