14 years spent in Paris. 5000 hours of flying. 17 years of modeling. 7 years of unconditional love. 4 years of full time parenting. An infinite of moments spent to discover people, places and things that I truly like. My life is not limited to numbers, but to experiences. Profound emotions and authentic experiences that I want to share with you.

Conventionally, you’d probably expect to read a description of me, to introduce myself and to give plenty of details about who I am. As soon as you’ll know me better, you’ll realize that I don’t live after general rules imposed by others. Therefore, I will tell you who I’m not and what I don’t intend to do on this blog. I don’t respect mòt a mòt trends when it comes to creating my look, I don’t only go to the trendiest places just because some people believe in their trendiness and I don’t believe that a mother should quit her passion. 
I invite you to a journey in which we can discover together how fashion comes to street, how we can smart shop for our children or how we can give ourselves moments of respites to enjoy a facial or a meeting with friends, without feeling guilty.There is time for family. There is time for the ones we love. Why wouldn’t there exist time for ourselves?

Avec amour,
Monica Tand

Foto: Gabi Crisan