The need of different

Mes cheries, I don’t really know how to explain this, but it often happens that I find myself being and thinking in a different way than others. When somebody talks about something or does something, I think and want the exact opposite. I swear that I don’t even have my mind set on this, I just feel it.


Like now, for example, whit these beautiful days that reminded me how much I miss spring time, I find myself crazy about outfits that are focused around black and white components and nothing more. No patterns, no colours, like I’ve expected it to be, in a way or another with a very natural feel to it, being so close to spring. No, these days I feel like wearing all white and black.


You should try it as well, les filles, especially in this combination of black & white, it will give you a distinguished feel overall. I liked playing with today’s outfit, with the dress and the cloak, making the contrasts find their balance. But I liked even more the result and wearing the outfit that I fell in love with on Bucharest’s streets.

What colour are you wearing these days?
A la prochaine!













Dress: Ma-Ra-Mi
Coat: Cos
Tights: Wolford
Shoes: Zara
Bag: Vintage
Ring: H&M
Earring: H&M
Sungglases: Thierry Lasry
Photo: Ionut Aldea

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