Not a single drop of patience

She curious. She studies almost anything with the attention of a researcher, even if it’s toys, a head band that she twists on all sides, or a friend’s shoes, who eats lunch with us. She keeps only what she likes. She laughs all the time. She doesn’t pout if you scold her, but you need serious arguments. She doesn’t have a problem to tell people around what she believes, especially if you insist to find out her opinion.


Even though, she is an active child, she doesn’t separates from me. The other day, taking advantage that I was talking to a friend which I randomly met in Ilinca store, she disappeared in a second. She realized I will let her know again that she cannot leave without announcing me and she screams from the fitting room: „Maman, I am here. But I had no more patience to try these on after you finished chatting.” Ilona, simply Ilona!









Headband: Il Gufo (Ilinca)
Shirt: Trussardi (Ilinca)
Skirt: Il Gufo (Ilinca)
Jacket: Grant Garçon (Ilinca)
Shoes: Il Gufo (Naturino)
Photo: Mihai Stetcu

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