“Nicolai” , a family dream that has come true

Mes cheries, I’ve gone missing from the blog for a while now, but I had a very good reason for it. For the past few months, I was working together with Nicolai at a project that is very dear to us, ‘’Nicolai’’, a restaurant with good food to take home with you. It’s a concept that was implemented by us, thinking about how people are so busy these days, always on the run, always late, but in need for a good lunch or a delicious diner. I confess that I was also thinking about the hard-working moms that spend all day at work, and in the evening, they’re confronted by the same question: ‘’what to eat?’’ This is how this delivery was born, with food especially created by Nicolai, food that is as always, a part of a story, because in his case, nothing else will do.

The past months were hard work, months in which we were all day on the construction site. It’s unbelievable how many things pop up when you are preparing a new business launch. I came to the conclusion that you have to know a little bit of everything for things to turn out well: you have to have an idea regarding the architecture, a little bit of interior design knowledge, but also a little bit of technique is good, to be a good negotiator and have loooots of patience. For a new business, you especially need nerves of steel! But it’s true what they say that when things begin to fall into place, the satisfaction that you have beats the effort. The feeling that you’ve succeeded to build something that you feel so proud of, outcomes the fatigue. This week ‘’Nicolai’’ had its official opening. There were many emotions involved, but the words that came from our friends and from the ones that came into our restaurant, made us realise that we built a beautiful place, with good affordable food, a place that I hope will be often on the lips of everyone. We can’t wait to have you here and if I may, I would like the make a pertinent recommendation: try the doughnuts, they’re from a recipe that Nicolai has from his sister and have the taste of childhood. I’m waiting to hear from you!

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