No more black & white. Just white.

A white dress extremely comfortable thanks to its A cut form and quality of material quality, plus a pair of animal print sneakers and there …Ilona is ready go and play. No, I never imposed her to wear dark clothes because they get dirty more difficult, like other parents have urged their kids. Just as I never taught my girl to wear worn clothes outside, based on the principle that no one will see her.


I tried to follow my mother’s example and help Ilona to form a beautiful picture of herself. Thus, without unusual efforts or having to remember her every day, Ilona is naturally alert to look nice, to have her hair combed nicely and always have clean clothes.


Style is grown step by step, from an early age, and mothers are the best source of inspiration for their daughters. So if I get her used to greeting her in a battered outfit just because I’m at home and nobody sees me, Ilona would copy my example quickly. In our family, it doesn’t matter who sees you and what thinks about how you’re dressed. What matters is to feel good in your skin.








Dress: Bonpoint (Bonpoint Store)
Shoes: Zara Kids (Zara Store)
Photo: Lasc Media

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