Beauty ally

The end-of-the-year parties are coming, the never ending Christmas shopping is starting, the work schedule becomes busier and busier in order to carry out all the dead-lines before vacation. We run, we eat on the go, and we skip sleep. Personally, I haven’t slept eight hours straight since… well, I can’t even remember when. What beauty sleep?! Let there be sleep, of any kind!


The downside is less friendly but we see it daily on our faces. Dark circles are repercussions of excesses of any kind, late nights can be seen in the dull look of our skin, and no matter how much we try to hide the signs under make-up (although I’m not a fan of excessive make-up), we can’t succeed. Gooood! So what do we do in the context in which we manage to find place in our agenda for almost anything than for healthy sleep? I’ve tried for some weeks now Visionnarie Nuit from Lancôme, which is the first night beauty perfector and I don’t regret it at all. It has a very nice formula, of oil in gel, which, over night, erases all the signs of tiredness, making the skin look smooth, elastic, full of light, and well rested, in the morning. I recommend it to you without hesitation.


Of course, I’m not into excesses and I don’t believe that replacing sleep with a cream is the solution, but in hectic times, like the month of December, when there is really nothing we can do and we can’t sleep at all as we would like, it’s the perfect ally. Try it and convince yourself, don’t take my word for granted!

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