My new obsession

Mes cheries, I have a new beauty obsession. It’s a new product that I’ve discovered recently (I’ve heard about it, but it wasn’t officially launched in Romania) and which I use religiously for about a week or so, twice a day. It’s a product that I love because it makes my life so much easier when it comes to one of the most important steps in caring for your skin – removing your makeup.

I won’t keep you waiting: I’m talking about Foreo Luna, an innovative gadget and very cute as well, to be specific, a facial scrub that helps you clean your skin in just four minutes – two in the morning and two in the evening.


After a very chic launch party, I couldn’t wait to test the gadget. I was surprised to see how easy it is to use it: first you apply the cleaning product, after that you wet the silicon element and you just massage it on the entire face surface. As you keep your eyes closed and relax, Foreo Luna will remove your make-up, sebum and impurities. After only one minute, I’ve set the device from Mode 1 to Mode 2, meant for scrumbling wrinkles and has an anti-aging technic. And I relaxed myself for another minute.


I liked so much what Luna has to offer, that is why you need to know, even from the text title, that it has become my new obsession. What I love the most about Foreo Luna? That it leaves my skin so, so soft and shiny. Oh, and there’s more: I can use the gadget even in the shower, because it is perfectly waterproof, and with only one charging I can use it 450 times (and this is perfect for the times that you go on vacation and forget your charger at home, how it sometimes happens to me). 🙂

And if I add up that Foreo Luna doesn’t need changing the cleaning brush and it has a two year assurance, then I’m terribly satisfied for this new little obsession of mine. 🙂


*Foreo Luna este singurul dispozitiv pentru ingrijirea tenului care foloseste Tehnologia T-Sonic, gratie careia pielea primeste, prin perisorii de silicon, pana la 8000 de pulsatii transdermice pe minut, iar asta inseamna ca tu beneficiezi de o curatare in profunzime.

Foreo Luna este disponibil in mai multe variante, in functie de tipul de piele (roz – ten sensibil/normal, bleu – ten mixt, alb – tenul foarte sensibil), si are chiar si o varianta dedicata barbatilor (Luna de culoare neagra). Iar pentru cele care nu gasesc niciodata loc in bagaje pentru toate gadgeturilor, exista si Fore Luna Mini, in culori delicioase.

Fore Luna se gaseste in magazinele Douglas si pe


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