The new fragrance SÌ ROSE SIGNATURE from Giorgio Armani

The ‘’Si’’ woman is a woman that is free, passionate and full of life. She is strong, but also delicate, ready to say ‘’yes’’ to new challenges, ready to enjoy love, love and herself. The bottle’s design is very couture, suitable for the concept that this fragrance is trying to make a statement of. The scent is a very powerful combination of two roses, enhanced by notes of bergamot and mandarin, freesias, vanilla and patchouli.

‘’Si Rose Signature’’ gives the woman a seductive feel, that enhances its fragility and delicate way of being. The choice of Cate Blanchett for the image of this perfume is very powerful. We are talking about a woman that give beauty a totally new meaning and manages to put into a positive light the qualities of the beautiful sex.

Recommended price: Si Rose Signature 50 ml 437 RONSi_RoseSignature2017_50ml_Bottle&BF_OS_L9809900_3614271429636_RVB_2400


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