News from L’Oréal Paris: hair products based on clay

Mes cheries, our hair is also a victim of daily pollution and stress, which steals its shine and vitality. L’Oreal Paris has recently launched a new series of products for hair care inspired by clay beauty rituals. ‘’Extraordinary Clay’’ uses in its products a mix of 3 different refined clays with a delicate scent and a lush texture. Clay is known to have purifying effects even from the oldest of times. Starting from the Ancient times, people often used clay in order to cleanse the skin, but in the meantime, they discovered more benefits of this product. It’s an ingredient frequently used in skin care, but now it is an ingredient in the hair care area. Whit the help of the three different types of clay, ‘’Extraordinary Clay’’ accentuates the most important benefits of these minerals: purification, energy and nourishment, all the things your hair need to be full of vitality.

This series of products have in its composition white clay, blue clay and green clay and you can find them as shampoos, conditioner, mask and dry shampoo. The mask has a new way in which you can apply it, because you can apply it before shampooing your hair and it’s very useful in the scalp’s care. The dry shampoo is another new thing, which I consider to be very useful. We all know those days that we don’t have the time to wash your hair, but you have a date or a friend’s night out? Well, this shampoo is designated to solve this problem for you. Just apply it at the root and length of your hair and in just two minutes, your hair will be impeccable.




Masca Elseve argila extraordinara TOP


Recommended orices:

 Elseve Shampoo Extraordinary Clay- 16.8 Ron

Elseve Conditioner Extraordinary Clay -16.8 Ron

Elseve Mask Before Shampoo Extraordinary Clay – 30.7 Ron

Elseve Dry Shampoo Extraordinary Clay – 22.5 Ron


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