An original idea for the launch of the special winter collection

I have to confess that I’m a big fan of the Holiday commercials. I love the short films with children that believe in Santa Claus, of the elder that rejoice over the surprises their grandchildren gave them, with people that find unique ways of spending Christmas and so on. And because I’m sure that many of you understand me perfectly, I thought I would show you the winter holiday film launched by H&M.

The film is in fact an original presentation of the special winter collection. For this year, the audience will enjoy a new creation of the director Wes Anderson, which has Adrien Brody in the leading role, who gives life to a train conductor. ‘’The special holiday collection for H&M, which has relaxed pieces, that are also elegant and easy to wear, is perfectly integrated in this journey with the train of snows, and Wes Anderson succeeded to transpose perfectly the emotions of the characters that don’t even know each other, but finally end up spending Christmas Eve together and is able to recreate the magic of that moment. At the same time, the collection speaks to us about the blend of informal outfits with outfits that you wear on a special occasion, that describes perfectly that need of wearing special, but also comfortable outfits for the holidays.’’, declared Pernilla Wohlfahrt, Head of Design and Creative Director for H&M.

The H&M holiday collection is available in fixed stores and online starting with the end of November.

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