Half of a suitcase full of desserts

People usually come back from their vacations with souvenirs, clothes or shoes, for example. This wasn’t the case for me. I came back home with half of a suitcase filled with desserts. Yes, this was part of my luggage that I came back from Seattle. I hope you don’t think that metaphorically speaking I brought with me a lot of sweets. Half of my suitcase was literally full with crispy rice marshmallows, a combination between expanded rice and marshmallow, a dessert that I literally fell in love with. This is something that I would have eaten on a daily basis 🙂 . When I got home, I kept on with my ‘’diet’’, mostly during the night, because the 10 hour jet lag kind of messed with my head. I’ve realised lately that my vacations are defined by a different thing: I came back from Portugal with laundry detergent, from the U.S. with crispy rice marshmallows. I’m very curious what will my next ‘’target’’ be. 🙂


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