A new shopping experience

I’m not that crazy about online shopping, I admit, for simple reasons. I like to feel textures, to try on clothes – Nicolai gets crazy when he sees how long I take in the dressing room, but as long as I have a reliable partner for shopping in Ilona – I combine and experiment. Plus it happened to me not only once that I had to return goods ordered and then you know: nerves, lost time, most often, and money.

For a while, though, I started to look a little different at online shopping. With the launch of the Czech brand ZOOT in Romania, I was pleasantly surprised to discover new concepts really cool when it comes to online buying experience that I want to share with you.


The on/offline trend came to Bucharest with the Czech brand, aiming to change perceptions about online shopping and clothes in general. What does that mean exactly? I’ll tell you immediately. Things are simple: you enter the site, zoot.ro, you put in your basket what you love and if you aren’t committed or don’t know how a certain fashion item would fit you, you have the option to try it in the “Happiness booths”, the Try & Buy shops of the brand. Your clothes are delivered directly from the Czech Republic in two days at the booth of your choice in town, and you just pay and go home with what suits you and you love after you’ve tested all the ordered products. I find this great because, as I said earlier, one of the reasons for not ordering so much online is because I find it a complicated and tedious process of returning the items in case they don’t fit – I’m convinced that it also happened to you to receive the wrong order or the clothes to look different once you opened the package shipped home. So now we can order many sizes, as many colors of the same model as we want and we can go home only with those who best express our personality. It’s this brilliant? We, of course, have the traditional option with direct home delivery and free return in case we change our minds in the next 90 days.
I also liked very much the brand selection – I confess that I haven’t heard of most of them, so it was a joy and challenge to discover them on the site, and the thing that’s a big plus, if you ask me, because nobody wants to be dressed like everyone else, as it happens to us sometimes with big chains of fast fashion. It’s unpleasant to see a girl with the same dress as you on the street, right? And a little awkward, especially because there are so many brands on the market.


I was also pleasently surprised by the team, young, relaxed and full of enthusiasm, in perfect agreement with the brand communication and ZOOT mission-manifesto, which I’m sure you know either from TV or from the outdoor sites in the city: “It’s not just about clothes”. Because they couldn’t speak a bigger truth – clothes aren’t just clothes, they are ways in which we express our personality or mood, which differentiates us from others. And you know very well that it the truth. I can’t wait for the apparition of the monthly magazine, ZOOT, which the brand will launch very soon in a circulation of over 20,000 copies, from what I understand. Especially since I’m curious not only to try these new brands from the ZOOT portolofio, but to find their stories.
Because, really, it’s not just about clothes, n’est-ce pas?





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