A touch of amusement

I love black for as long as I can remember. There’s nothing in this world that can give you that elegant look that this noncolour does. But even when I approach an all black outfit, I tend to carefully adjust the outfit with some playful notes, just because I don’t want it to have a sober feel to it. Because it all comes down to balance and the perfect amount of something when it comes to fashion.


For today’s outfit I chose a bell-shaped skirt, that is lower than the knees and I’ve combined it with a short and very warm jacket, both in black, obviously. Now, it’s all about the details. Just because the purse is in a classic line, which will never go out of fashion (one of the many reasons I love it), I’ve chosen to go with a pair of sport’s shoes with a colourfull pattern, and I got to play more with the upper body. The T-shirt with the fierce panther (looks like Bagheera’s grumpy uncle from ’’The Jungle Book’’, doesn’t it?) is becoming more and more amusing because of the flowers that completes the pattern and gives the outfit a little bit more colour.


Where can you wear an outfit like this? In your free time, of course, but also at business meetings or at the office, for casual Friday. If you add heels or a pair of black flat boots, you can wear the outfit whenever you want during the week. The addressee will keep his distance because of the panther’s fangs, but he’ll understand that you’re not that uptight if you are wearing such a funny print.
How do you approach black, les filles?















T-shirt: Givenchy
Skirt: Lanvin
Jacket: Lanvin
Socks: Falke
Bag: Celine
Watch: Swatch
Sunglasses: Thierry Lasry
Shoes: Adidas Originals Pharrell Williams X Todd James
Photo: Aurelien Violet @chicisthenewpunk
Image editing: Lasc Media

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