Orange vibe

Hello beautiful people! For several days, now, I’m in Paris and I must say that I feel just like home. Probably this is what I transmit to those around me especially that on my arrival, an airport employee wished me: “Bienvenue chez vous, Madame”. It put a big smile on my face. I simply love this city, the old friends that I have here, the smell of warm croissants mixed with the sense of fresh roasted coffee and the beautiful smell of flowers from a “boutique de fleurs”, nicely set in a big vase, at a corner of a street. It’s my second home, where I’d love to come back more often..


Earlier, I returned from a delicious lunch with my friend Julie. Inevitably, I noticed that black remains the predominant color when it comes to French women’s outfits. Even if I like the power and elegance that exudes this color, my wardrobe is built around dozens of shades. And it was the same even when I was living in Paris.


The outfit I chose to share with you today starts from a pastel orange dress signed by Maria Lucia Hohan, with bare shoulders and arms that are unraveled when gesturing. This is what I call sexy, if you ask me. And even if it would fit with a pair of high heels, I prefer to be mixing it with a pair of dark blue shoes from Zara. So, I do not recant at all, not even this time, and I continue to alternate ultra-feminine elements with masculine inspired ones.


I suggest you take advantage of the last days of summer, with all that actually means “home” and give up black for a day.

I will see you soon with details about my adventure in Paris, regarding the meeting with fashion bloggers from all over the world, specially organized by Who’s Next for MiniMe Paris, a brand that I simply adore him. I wrote here about Marie, the founder and my friend. So, I’ll get back with the whole story soon.









Dress: Maria Lucia Hohan
Shoes: Zara (Zara Store)
Bag: Moschino (Moschino Store)
Photo: Lasc Media

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