The perfume inspired by the life of a boxer

Mes cheries, I’ve written about how much I like perfumes, but I have to confess that most of all, I like their stories. The Frapin House, a staple of French style, has studied men’s perfume elegance since 2004. A few days ago, under the artistic leadership of David Frossard, Frapin launched a new fragrance, that was inspired by the surprizing personality of the boxer Georges Carpentier, that is known in America by ‘’the orchid man’’. Frapin was immediately attracted by the life of this legend and found his inspiration for yet another fragrant story. Georges was an elegant and strong man that knew how to reinvent himself in every given moment of his life. Boxer, a brave man and honourable citizen, he tried his luck in yet another English sport, rugby, and he really seemed to be talented at it. At the end of the 1930’s this personality discovers a few other talents. After the boxing ring, he goes on stage. Carpentier, the show man, sets off from Paris to Hollywood. He experienced the road to success on Wall Street, but also the fall. A modern man, ready for new adventures in any given moment, The Orchid Man opened one of the first cocktail bars in Paris and had big success with it. David Frossard, a perfumer fascinated by the boxing world, had all of this in mind when he launched the idea of a fresh, elegant and strong perfume.


We met David a while ago, me and Nicolai, at one of his launches at Beautik. We became friends and said that we will soon meet in Paris. And here comes the funny twist: Nicolai was in Paris were he went to a wine tasting with a friend and was chatting in the street. One moment later he heard someone behind him saying: ‘’Aaaaa, I recognize this voice!’’. It was none other than David!  And yes, we live in a small world!

PS: The perfume it is available in all Beautik Stores

The Orchid Man with glove



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