My perfume, created by me: Call Me MonA

Some days are just simply wonderful. That is how the day I created my very own perfume was. Yes, yes, mes cheries, you’ve read correctly: I was a perfumer for a day, at the invitation of my friends from Beautik Haute Perfumerie and Molinard.

Because I know that you are dying to know what I’ve combined in the essence that has my signature, I will give you the details below. 🙂


For the base notes, I used leather and cider, for the heart notes – orange blossom, and for the top notes – pear and fern. The mix of essences was quite interesting, that’s what the people that tested the perfume that I created told me.

I’ve named it Call Me MonA (MonA has a very cool story and it is closely related with the beginnings of my relationship with Nicolai. After our first date, my love sent me a text, in which he wrote me: Mon A… (A comes from Amour 🙂 ). And this is how it stuck as a caressing word. And because MonA is part of our love, I’ve decided that the perfume has to have this name.


The L’Atelier des parfums workshop, where I was a participant, is the first workshop of this kind in a series of events that will be launched in September 2016 of all perfume lovers – Molinard L’Atelier des perfumes, created by Beautik Haute Parfumerie. During the workshop, an expert from Molinard Creation will help you create your very own olfactory symphony starting with the base notes and adding your favorite fragrances. It will be a wonderful experience for the senses, assure you.

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