The last minute!

It is past 2am, yet, I am still here, swiping my smart phone buttons in order to find out a solution for an urgent problem that one of my friends has: what outfit would be adequate for the New Year’s celebration. Even though I find it amusing, for her it is quite a drama. She keeps on telling me that she doesn’t want transparent dresses, lace, any item that would mold on her body shapes or deep cleavages. Triumphantly, at one point, she manages to convince me to show her my thoughts that I will post on my blog tomorrow morning about my opinion regarding a New Year’s outfit. And… guess what?! She likes the dress from…, she adores the jacket from…, and she even likes the lipstick from …. Therefore, mission accomplished! Now we can sleep tight. Both of us.


P.S. There is little time left until we will clink our glasses of champagne and wish each other a better, more spectacular and happier 2015. Facebook already became an abundance of good thoughts, always including our loved ones. What if, from now on, we make each day count?! What if, starting now, we laugh, we have fun, we stop living life after other’s rules, and we stop talking philosophical about love and courage only at the end of the 365th day of the calendar? Happy New Year to all of you!

Tot la moda poza asta dar sa o pui acolo la slide.’




Dress: Maria Marinescu

Coat: Maria Marinescu

Shoes: Jimmy Choo

Earings: Giorgio Armani

Makeup MAC by Alis Costea

Location: Ethan Allen

Foto: Visual Artistry

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