I went on vacation with 40 kilos of luggage

I admit! It’s a terrible task for me to do luggage when it comes to going on vacations. I would take with me all the dresses that I didn’t have the opportunity to wear them yet, dresses that I think that are suitable for the beach, dresses that I haven’t worn yet because I was thinking of saving them for the vacation, dresses for walks on the sea front, I would also take some simple, basic items, that I would feel comfortable in while going on rides with the car, and I would also take a jacket or two, in case the weather gets chilli during the evening. Oh, and I must have a pair or two of jeans you know, just in case I would need them. And my list could go on and on!

This year we chose to go to Greece, in Paros to be more precise. At 7 a.m. we had to be in the airport. I finished packing at 6 a.m.! That’s right, 6 a.m.. I haven’t told you yet, but I have the same problems in choosing outfits even when it comes to Ilona, so I almost double the time. The most interesting aspect of this story is that I have a passion for shoes! Yes, this is something absolutely normal in a woman’s case, but this passion of mine made me pack a bag with ten pairs of shoes in it! In the end, when we arrived with our luggage at the airport, we realized that we’re going on vacation with 40 kilos of ‘’outfits’’. J

PS: If you have an advice or a tip on how to pack light, please tell me!

PS2: Paros is a beautiful island, just in case you haven’t decided yet on your destination for the summer vacation. White houses, many flowers and absolutely delicious food! We had an amazing time and I was so glad that we had the opportunity of spending it together, the four of us.

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