Extra glow !


Elemis is one of my favorite brands of skincare products. In Romania, facial treatments signed by Elemis are available only at Ida Spa. Open in Corbeanca, next to an oak forest, Ida Spa can compete, any time, with wellness centers from overseas. Especially, that lately, on the service list, they added the Biotec facials from Elemis. These combine products with strong, active formula, sensorial touch and relaxation of a hands-on therapy with bio-electric technology. Sounds complicated, I know, but it turns out to do wonders. With the stress that we all accumulate before the holiday season that can be very well read at skin level, Biotec Sonic Skin Radience – one of the seven facials that can be tested only at Ida Spa – is more than welcomed.


Followed protocol:

After applied on face and around eyes, the booster Radiance Activator, enriched with antioxidants, peptides and hyaluronic acid, the dark circles are diminished and the skin regains its natural glow. More than this, with the help of exfoliation based on ultrasonic vibrations, the skins gets rid of impurities. The elder flower and orange flower formula acts in synergy with the galvanic current in order to re-energize and highly hydrate the skin. In the end, who doesn’t know your schedule, will envy you that you have time to sleep.


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