Family portret (in vacation)

It’s still early in the morning and in the profound quietness of the resort where we stay, you can hear the waves of the Mediteraneean. I am in Greece, on the terrace of our room from The Westin Resort (a fantastic place) and I’m enjoying a gorgeous view. While the kids and Nicolai are still asleep, I turned on my laptop and I want to share with you my experience regarding one of the most beautiful beaches of Greece. Who knows, maybe you get to come over here.


Since we got to the hotel, Iancu and Ilona didn’t even want to hear anything about staying at the pool, which, I admit, made me glad. They wanted to get to the beach, next to the sea.



Thus, yesterday I didn’t even get a chance to unpack and we went together to the closest beach of the resort.



At lunch time, they were still running around, building sand castles and didn’t even care it was time to eat.

Nicolai’s idea to have lunch at Elia, a greek tavern from a small village found 6-7 kilometers away, was aproved with enthusiasm by all the members of the Tand family. Now, please, imagine a car riding smoothly on a road boarderes with olive trees, under a burning sun. Nicolai was singing out loud a song from the radio, Iancu was playing the drum, and Ilona didn’t decide yet if she’s wearing the right swimming suit for this get-away or not.





After a great meal in Gialova, a village which conquered my heart with it’s simplicity, we listened the advice of our chef (I don’t know how it happens that they are always right) and we went to Voidokilia, a wild beach with white sand, dry grass here and there and colorful flowers, bordered by cliffs. Somebody told us that if we climbed to the ruins of Nestor’s Palace and we took a picture from above, we could see that it has a perfect semi-circle shape. We didn’t adventure so far, but it was the most beautiful after-noon that I had, lately.





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